About Us

Our philosophy & people

About what we envision, do, achieve

We believe in honesty and open-mindedness;
We are experts in professionalism and innovation.
Our business is based on respect for our customers and their users.  We have revolutionized the way mobile  monetization is executed. Mobitech solutions are a non-intrusive advertisement that respect the user’s data privacy.
Each team member brings years of extensive experience in technical leadership, people management and business success.

The Founders

Gal Levinsky
Gal Levinsky
CTO/ Co-Founder

Experiencced technical entrepreneur. Founded several technology startups in the web and mobile technologies. Years of experience in the mobile advertising domain.

Ido Korin
Ido Korin
CEO/ Co-Founder

Proven record of successful entrepreneurship. Founded several companies and sold one of them. Years of experience in the online advertising domain.

The team

Our advanced management method includes working in virtual teams. Whether it is support, design or development, we use advanced tools to communicate and distribute the work. Our locations include Israel, Russia, United States, China & India.