OEMs and Carriers

Pre-installed solutions

For OEM's and Carriers

The challenge: Engaging with user and generating revenues after the initial sale.

The solution: Mobitech solutions will be installed on user’s device in a non-intrusive way and will help lead to a higher revenue. Our solutions give OEMs and carriers the tools they need in order to create long-lasting relationships with their users.

We create better performance, user experience, monetization

Our innovation - your revenues


Offers a worldwide and multilingual search solution which can be integrated into any device and enables you to monetize when the user searches.

How: Mobitech offers multiple integration methods and also customizes solutions. We choose the right way to include a search solution for your device.

Trending keywords: A unique solution for identifying trending/hot keywords according to the user location, preferences and search history which helps to increase engagement, generate high revenues, and can be implemented anywhere within your device.

Our competitive edge: Providing your users with the best search experience. Our search algorithms will maximize rates and revenue.



We offer the user relevant products while shopping

How: Our SDK can intercept user shopping intent and offer the user a relevant product from OEM’s/Carrier’s online store.

Our technology can also detect personal device battery usage, new device purchase, or travel intent. This can be used to offer the users new accessories, cellular data packages for traveling or push holiday promotions.

Our competitive edge: Keeping engaged with customers after the initial sale and create new promotional channels.

Smart Menu

Suggests new apps, based on the user intent.

How: The patent based SDK analyzes the user intent and offers relevant applications which can be followed up in the action menu. (read more)

Our competitive edge: Unique and non-intrusive monetization. Excellent user experience. Enjoy revenues while keeping your customers happy.



We offer a worldwide and multilingual content solution which can be integrated into the device and enables a native monetization solution while the user reads.

How: Mobitech offers multiple integration methods and a customized solution. We will help you develop the right content for your device

Our competitive edge: We support multilingual content from premium websites and multiple categories. Our solution also supports content personalization for higher engagement payouts.