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Mobitech solution verticals' Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) applies to any collection and treatment of users’ (“User/s”) information made via the Mobitech platform including related websites, applications, programs, widgets, features, components (the “Mobitech Solutions”). The Mobitech Solutions are provided by Pro Mobitech Technologies Ltd. (the “Company”, “we” or “us”) and may be varied from one application to another.

Please be noted that the Mobitech Solutions are integrated into a hosting application (“Hosting App/s”) and are not provided on a standalone manner. Therefore, this privacy policy constitutes an integral part to such Hosting App’s end user license agreement (“EULA”), to which the Company is not and shall not be a party.  This Policy consists information about our data collection and treatment practices with respect to number of solutions. Therefore, the parts in this Policy that are described under the solution you encountered shall apply to you.

Your acceptance of the EULA and/or any use of the Hosting App or any portion thereof constitutes your acceptance to the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree with anything in this Policy, you must not use the Mobitech Solution/s or any portion thereof, or exercise any opt out mechanism that will be made available by the Company or by the Hosting App or by the applicable operating system.

It is hereby clarified that by attempting to use and/or using the Hosting App and/or clicking on the button “I AGREE” or any other similar icon or text provided in connection with the download and/or installation of the Hosting App, you agree and confirm that you have read the EULA, Hosting App’s privacy policy and this Policy.

1.      Collection of Information.

As User uses or interacts with the Mobitech Solution/s, we may collect the following information:

  • Non-personal information (“non-PI”): means, information that by no means can lead to identifying an individual person and includes: your browser type, language, version, user agents (that may include your device and operating system types and versions) and the advertising ID that was allocate to your device by the operating system. We may also gather statistical information about Users’ interaction with the Mobitech Solutions and related features, buttons, functionalities, links, ads.
  • In addition to the afore described, when you specifically interact with the Mobitech Search Solution (see definition below), we may also collect User’s device ID (anonymous information), device type, browser’s requests information, statistics on page views and standard web log information, categorization of some of the web pages that the User has visited, icons or fields that the User has clicked on, search sites that the User accessed and/or some of User’s general search activities; such information is normally automatically transmitted in HTTP request. As part of facilitating the Mobitech Search Solution we may gather additional information such as the User’s location, search history, shopping history and relevant User content categories. That way, User’s future search activities will be influenced by User’s previous search and interests.
  • Personal information (“PI”): means information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context. The Company may collect Users’ IP address, for purposes of identifying User’s geographic location and language detection, for purposes of device validation (user/non-user) and fraud prevention. In some jurisdictions, and given the circumstances and type of use, IP address may be considered as a PII. However, Company makes no use of the IP address that attempts to reveal your identity, and does not combine such information with other information that may lead to revealing your identity. If you reach out to us by email or any other channel and provide us with your personal information (such as email address, full name or any other information), we may collect those details for purposes of addressing your request.

In cases where the Company may combine certain non-PI with certain PI that the Company collects, it will treat the combined information as PI, if the resulting combination may be used to readily identify or locate User in the same manner as the PI alone.

2.      Usage of Information.

The information that the Company collects is used for statistical purposes as well as for the analysis of the User’s usage of the Mobitech Solution/s in order to provide User with what the Company deems as relevant content (per context and per User). In addition, such information (specifically engagement and interaction with the Mobitech Solutions) helps us to (i) better understands trends, interests, thus shape up our solutions and related content; (ii) report level of engagement to content creators and providers and this ability to track and bill; (iii) information like advertising ID enables us to improve and customized the Mobitech Solution’s so as to enable and facilitate Users’ opt out options should they decide to not use the Mobitech Solution.

In additions, when collected as part of the Mobitech Search Solution, the information that the Company collects is additionally used in order to suggest and adjusts Trending Keywords (as defined below) and make such keywords and advertisements served through the Mobitech Search Solution more personalized and relevant. “Trending Keywords” means the suggestion of keywords which the Company deems relevant to User.

3.      User Choices: Opt out and/or Access

Users can choose to opt-out from any given Mobitech Solution, and respectively, the collection of information by Company with respect to that Mobitech Solution via the settings screen, available from the Mobitech Solution’ functionality;. Further, if you do not wish your Personal Information to be collected, processed or shared for the above purposes or any other purpose, you may request to delete your information by sending an email to [email protected]

Please be noted that even if you have chosen to opt out from one of Mobitech Solution, one or more of the applications or websites you use may include the same or another Mobitech Solution. Any opt out option that you exercised applies only to the specific Mobitech Solution in the specific Hosting App from which you opted out.

With respect to the Mobitech Search Solution: you can choose to opt out from Trending Keywords personalization by utilizing one of the following:

  • From a search result page: you can click on the settings icon, and it will lead you to a one-click opt out option in case you want to opt out completely from “trending keywords” personalization.
  • From a search result page: you can click on the settings icon, and it will lead you to a list of trending keywords, clicking each keyword will remove it from current and future trending keywords suggestions.
  • By opt-out from advertisement personalization in the Google Advertising Settings screen (read more here)
  • By switching off the switch button next to the “Trending keywords” headers in the App/SDK or in the App/SDK settings screen.
  • By long clicking a trending keyword in the appropriate trending keywords placeholder in the app.

4.      Third Party Collection

Third party service or content providers, who assist the Company in operating and distributing the Software and carrying out its business operations (“Third Party Vendors”), may also collect information in order to process and provide their services.

Such Third Party Vendors may include cloud computing services (like Amazon Web Services), and providers of monitoring and categorizing services. In addition to third party service providers, Company may also use third party search providers or sponsored content providers to effectuate the Mobitech Solutions. Such Third Parties may also use cookies, JavaScript, web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel gifs), tracking technologies and other technologies, intended among others, to measure the effectiveness of their services or content and to personalize such content (including advertising and other sponsored content). The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of such Third Parties, and User is encouraged to contact such Third Party Vendors directly to learn about their privacy practices, where they are made available to you (either via the Hosting App, the Mobitech Solution, the content that is available via which or this Policy).

When use the Mobitech Search Solution, be noted that one of the Company’s third party content providers of is Microsoft Bing  (Bing Inc. (“Bing“)). Information concerning Bing’s practices is available at [].

Company is not and shall not be responsible for the content or privacy practices of any such Third Party Vendors, and it is your responsibility to understand such third party’s policies before making any engagement with them or with the content provided by them, whether directly or viat the Mobitech Solution.

5.      Sharing Information with Third Parties

The Company does not rent, sell, or share User’s PI with any person or entity for marketing purposes (including direct marketing purposes), without User’s permission, other than as set forth in this Policy. Non-PI may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, services improvement or other uses.

The Company may share information about Users (i) to comply with applicable law, to respond to legal requirements and to enforce the Company’s policies; (ii) to respond to claims that any keywords or any other content violate the rights of others, to protect anyone’s rights, property, security or safety; (iii) to protect any of the Company’s, its agents’, affiliates’, distributors’, partners’ or its Users’ legal rights (including enforcement of agreements that the Company has interest in) or property, the Company’s employees or affiliated companies or their employees, agents and contractors; (iv) as part of any business operations with third parties that provide services (such as data analytics services, or performance analysis and tracking services) to Company; (iv) non-PI for marketing, advertising and customizing the Mobitech Solution and respective services; or (v) to protect against fraud or carry out the Company’s risk management procedures. Such information will be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In case where the Company goes through a business transition such as a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or sale of all or a portion of The Company’s assets, User’s information may be among the assets transferred.

6.      Storage and Protection Information.

The Company follows generally accepted standards, virtually and physically, to protect the PI submitted to the Company, both during transmission, processing and retention. However, you should be aware that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, the Company cannot 100% guarantee at all times its data’s absolute security. If User has any questions about security with respect to the Company’s Software, User can contact the Company at [email protected] . Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Company shall not bear any liability for any unintentional disclosure or a disclosure that occurs due to a security breach of the Company’s systems or facilities.

The Company will retain and use User’s PI for as long as needed to provide User with the services and as necessary to comply with the Company’s legal obligations and enforce the Company’s agreements.

With respect to the Mobitech Search Solution, The Company implements responsible measures in order to block inappropriate Trending Keywords, such as adult content, racism, harassment, terror, and other content that the company or the Software’s owner may find inappropriate. User acknowledges that, since the filtering mechanism is statistically based, the Company cannot assure 100% protection. In any case inappropriate keywords are detected by User, User is requested to contact Company’s support team at [email protected];

7.      Children’s Privacy.

The Company does not knowingly collect or solicit PII from anyone under the age of 13 or knowingly allow such persons to register. If User is between the ages of 13 and 17, User is requested to use the Company’s Service with adult supervision only. If User is under 13, User is requested not to send any PII to the Company. If the Company learns that it has collected PII from a User under age 13, the Company will remove that information as quickly as it becomes aware. If User believes that the Company might have any PII from or about a User under 13, such User is requested to contact the Company at the contact information below.

8.      Contact the Company

If User has any questions about this Privacy Policy, User is requested to contact the Company at [email protected], contact person: Gal.

9.      Changes to this Policy

We may modify information presented via the Mobitech Solutions and/or this Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by posting a notice on our website prior to the change becoming effective. You should check back here periodically to see if this Policy has been updated. We will always show the date of the latest modification of this Policy at the bottom of the page so you can tell when it was last revised.


10. Applicable to the Mobitech Search Solution

The Mobitech Search Solution includes a “Trending Keywords” feature, which can be used by Users or Hosting Apps via an API and/or SDK and/or stand-alone software application.

The “Trending Keywords” feature enable the Company to provide Users with personalized trending keywords results, as the Company’s algorithm takes into consideration parameters such as Users’ search activities, interests and more, as set forth herein.

When User uses the “Trending Keywords” feature for the first time, the Mobitech Search Solution will suggest various organic keywords, such as words suggested based on trending searches, localized and global news. Over time, the Trending Keywords feature will be derived according to User’s actions and/or signals, taking into account parameters such as previous search terms used in the Mobitech Search Solution, user’s online shopping history, User content category, as set forth herein. The Trending Keywords feature would be semantically related to the User’s actions and/or signals. For any questions regarding the suggested keyword, User is requested to contact the Company’s support team at [email protected]


11. Applicable to the Mobitech Content Solution

The Mobitech Content Solution includes content personalization feature, meanning that Mobitech and it's content providers will try to match content according to users preferences.

The content personalization is done according to users engagement with the content that presented to them. The personalization is subject to section 3 in this Privacy Policy (User choices to opt out).

Mobitech uses third party content providers in order to aggregate content which is relevant to the users. Mobitech comply with the third party content providers' privacy policy.

To read further about the third party providers Privacy Policy, please read further in the following links:


This document was last updated on February 22, 2018