Our key technology principles

Our PhilosophyCreate a better fit for advertisement in mobile applications & devices.


Using 3rd party SDK is scary.
We get it.
This is why Mobitech’s SDKs are not only computing resources friendly and near to zero footprint but also open sourced with extensive documentation.


For us, the users privacy and experience always comes first and should not be compromised. Our SDK is fully compliant with advertisement networks’ and privacy guidelines such as the Google Play store.


We use the most advanced technology out there,  to create a unique monetization. This is why we granted a patent for it. Mobitech’s mobile SDK’s utilize an advanced algorithm and data structures to build in device classification, with minimal network and resource utilization overhead.


Whether it would be an API or an SDK, our services are modular and customizable. You choose the right tool to work with. That will help us keep your app lightweight and efficient.

Technology key pillars

Interception Technology

Whether the user is shopping, searching for hotels or browsing the latest trends – we know to recognize the user intent.

Knowing the user intent allows us to offer the right product at the right time.

Performance optimization

Whether your revenue model is CPC, CPI or CPA – our monetization platform optimizes and personalizes the users experiences based on the past performances over time.


Our technology will have an excellent response time on any scale.

Whether your app will incorporate any of our monetization solutions, our SDK and servers will ensure a positive user experience.

we leverage technology into profit

While keeping a positive user engagment

Our toolbox