Cutting edge mobile monetization

Innovative technology for higher revenue

Mobitech's technology empowers App developers, Carriers and OEMs to convert users into high revenue.

OEMs & Carriers

Creating long lasting revenue after the initial sale

App developers

Increasing user engagement while generating higher revenues


Our technology

Unique algorithm and IP assets maximize CTR, Retention, and Revenues

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Monetization verticalsUnique. Not intrusive. High payout


Our technology knows when users shop on their mobile device and offers them the right product at the right time.
We collaborate with the biggest online stores worldwide.


We will customize a search and trending keyword solution that will naturally fit your app or device.
Our algorithms will maximize engagement, revenue and user satisfaction.

Smart Menu

A patent based technology for non-intrusive CPI/CPA offers in-app, or device action menu.
Use this innovative solution and have a monetization channel that your users will love!


Users love to explore content. Our native content solution is personalized in a way that increases user engagement and helps increase revenue.

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